Clifton Chase on Castle Rock #1 & #11 Spot On Amazon’s New Release List!

The long awaited sequel in the Clifton Chase franchise, “Clifton Chase on Castle Rock” launched on November 24, 2020 to an anticipated audience who helped push the book to an Amazon #1 New Release in the Medieval Books for Kids category, paperback edition, and #11 for the hardcover edition.

“So much time and energy pour into creating every book I write,” shared Engle about Castle Rock, the sequel that published 8 years after book one’s initial launch in 2012. “Seeing it on the Amazon Top 20 New Release list in not one, but two places including #1, was such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I couldn’t be happier!”

In book two, Clifton Chase travels back in time to help Robin Hood face the evil Prince John in an archery competition that will utlimtaley decide the fate of the people of Sherwood Forest. Along the way, Clifton finds hope that he may be able to help save his friend Dane, something he could not do in the first book of the series.

“We were so happy to return to the story of Clifton Chase, his time travels, and his magical arrows. The second book in the series gave us some new characters as well as a happy return of some of the old ones,” shared Angela Barnes, who read an advanced reader copy of “Castle Rock”. “Jamie Engle does an excellent job portraying the mind of a middle-school boy. Once again, she managed to tell a great story that realistically handled moral lessons without it seeming too “in your face”. Clifton’s woes and triumphs kept my 9-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter engaged and wanting more during our family read-a-loud time (I’ll even admit to being caught up in it myself).”

Clifton Chase on Castle Rock is available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover formats through Amazon and all online retailers or signed copies from the author/publisher are available below.

Clifton Chase on Castle Rock – paperback

Book Two in the Clifton Chase Adventure Series follows Clifton Chase to the 1100s to help Robin Hood and the people of Sherwood Forest.


Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light – paperback

Book One in the Clifton Chase Adventure Series follows Clifton Chase to 1485 England to rescue King Richard’s nephews from the Tower of London.


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