Welcome to the FREEmiums page, where you can grab free stuff and become an ENGLEDORK. What does that even mean? I’m glad you asked…

En·gle·dor·k/ɪŋgʌldôrk/noun: Engledork; plural noun: Engledorks

  1. a select group of readers who get cool stuff, FREEmiums, and experience the worlds of Engledor.

Download Coloring Pages, Puzzles, and Word Searches:

Get a Map of Vithalia from Dreadlands:

If you want more FREEmiums and special, member-only goodies, you must apply to become an Engledork.

Are you an artist? Did you download a coloring page? I’d love to see it and share it on my social for Fan Art Friday. Please mail your masterpiece to P.O. Box 411242, Melbourne, FL 32941. It will go into my treasure box, where I store all my magical trinkets and valuables.