Dreadlands: Blood Moon (book 2)


Monsters, Mythology, Vikings and Lore, in book 2 of the Dreadlands Dodecad.

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A new monster hunts the realm.

The Mayan Bat God, Camazotz, has been released. Once trapped within the mountain, Sorceress Edda has released him from his hundreds of years in captive to wreak havoc on Vithalia. Arud and Scalvia work together to bring human and ferine to unite against this werebat threat. However, Arud’s little sister Lykke has other allegiances. Her treatment as a halfling Cur has left her feeling betrayed by mankind and she leaves to join the ferine, the shifter wolves that were once the enemy. Arud’s uncle calls upon Vikings from other lands to arrive by sea and fight while Arud and Scalvia search for his father in the Great Beyond. Will they unite in time or fight blood against blood?

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