Clifton Chase on Castle Rock


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History tends to repeat itself…sorta.

Clifton Chase just wanted life to go back to “normal” again. But things were starting to happen. Two kids showed up at school that looked just like the princes from 1485, Clifton thought he was being followed, and then a hob thrush showed up in his closet and stole the Arrows of Light. Clifton wanted no part in this adventure. Until he learned that someone he knew was alive. Dane the dwarf, a teenager in the eleventh century. Could Clifton make things right by warning Dane of what was to come?

Once again, Clifton Chase is chosen by a magic arrow to travel through time, only now, Clifton must help the infamous archer, Robin Hood. The fate of the people of Sherwood Forest depend on it. The second in the Clifton Chase Adventure Series full of danger, magic, love, and friendship.


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