Metal Mouth: Lightning Can Strike Twice


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“A tale presents troubled adolescence and romance through the eyes of a remarkable teen protagonist.” –A Kirkus Editor’s Choice, 2020

What if one moment changed everything?

Mahlorie hates her braces. And who cares what she looks like anyway? Her parents sure do. Dad, a travelling magician, and Mom, a famous erotica author, constantly harp on the importance of appearance. Her best friend Shai is the epitome of pop-culture, crushing on every boy with a cute smile. But when Mal has a near-death experience and can suddenly hear a boy’s voice in her head, life takes a turn for the weird. He can hear her too. How did her braces become transmitters? And who is this boy she just might be falling in love with?

This magical coming-of-age tale of mystery and self-discovery, and love and friendship, makes the impossible become all too real…

For fans of “The Fault in Our Stars” meets “Ready Player One”.

“It’s cute and funny and a good, clean read for YA.” –5 Star Review

“Engle tends to make a common literary trope into a page-turner, because she is not afraid of the weird.” –5 Star Review

“The smooth prose, clever plot twists will snag middle-schoolers.  Adult readers will marvel at how Engle so clearly channels teens.” –5 Star Review

“Jaimie Engle’s Metal Mouth is a wry and wise romantic heartbreaker touched with mystery, lightning, and shivery hints of the supernatural.” –Publisher’s Weekly Book Life Prize, 9.25 out of 10

*Florida Sunshine State Book List & Land of New Mexico Enchantment Book List Contender, 2020

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Metal Mouth

Paperback, Hardcover, eBook

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