45-180 Minute Presentations by Jaimie Engle (*All Programs Available as VIRTUAL VISITS)

An award-winning novelist and screenwriter, Jaimie teaches at national conferences, state libraries, and local schools on the art of storytelling. Rates are available with/without books. Pick your program and use the contact form beneath to request pricing/availability for your school, conference, or group!

Write a Work that Doesn’t Suck!*

Each writer will leave this intensive with a toolbox filled with tips they can use to write a Work that doesn’t suck! Based off the Publisher’s Weekly Book Life Prize in Non-Fiction Quarter Finalist “Write a Book that Doesn’t Suck” to include:

  • Tell, Don’t Show – When is it okay to break the rule and tell the audience something instead of showing?
  • Tension – What is tension and how do I build it in storytelling?
  • World Building – Beyond setting, what elements do you need to build a believable, memorable, and sustainable world?
  • Rewind-Play-Repeat – What is our affinity to repetition and how can we utilize this in storytelling?
  • Plotting Coincidence – How do you create something that is supposed to be spontaneous, like a coincidence that feels natural?

*Each student receives a copy of the book as part of their registration fee.

The Craft Course

In this 6 part series, Jaimie will discuss the basic essentials to the craft of storytelling. Purchase the series or on individual session from the topics below:

  • Development – Learn how to structure, research, and draft your story
  • Setting – A study of setting beyond location
  • Character – A full evaluation of how to create round characters
  • Story – A deep look into the different ways to tell a story
  • Voice – The elements of voice in story and how they differ within the work
  • Image – An insightful presentation on how to write images not abstracts

Techniques of Writing Course

In this 8 part series, Jaimie will discuss the writing process from idea to execution and completion of your book, script, or non-fiction work. Purchase the series or book on individual topics from the list below:

  • Basic Writing – A basic introduction of writing techniques for storytelling in fiction/non-fiction
  • Pre-Writing – Ideas and outline options in fiction/non-fiction
  • Revise & Edit – Revision and editing best practices in fiction/non-fiction
  • Capture & Craft Voice – Crafting your voice and capturing ideas in fiction/non-fiction
  • Genre & Audience – Writing to the genre and audience of your piece in fiction/non-fiction
  • Expression Part 1 – A look into the first 4 classic storytelling techniques in fiction/non-fiction
  • Expression Part 2 – Completion of the final 4 classic storytelling techniques in fiction/non-fiction
  • Organization – Tips and tricks to organize yourself as a writer for maximum output

Writing/Adapting for Film & Television–

Learn the differences between writing a book and writing a script from a produced screenwriter and novelist, plus ways you can network from anywhere with real Hollywood producers for free!

Storytelling and Selling –

Learn how to build a story universe that connects all your stories across multiple mediums in books, film, comics, gaming, and more to stand out in the marketplace and create an experience your fans will never want to leave!

Character Groups to Sustain Series –

Learn how to create character groups laterally and vertically across your story to generate more content through “real” people whose stories can spark series, sequels, prequels, and one shot stand alones.

Writing the Christmas/Clean Rom Com –

The story structure for a Christmas/Clean Romantic Comedy can be broken down into acts and translated into your next film or book. Learn from produced screenwriter and author of JUST JAKE the feature film and novel adaptation how to write your story!

Writing for Teens –

Teens are fickle. They are moody and expressive and embrace life in ways adults do not. Learn how to capture the voice of a teenager as you write YA fiction.

School Specific Presentations

Anti-Bullying: The Power of Words in Life & Literature

Based off the Clifton Chase Adventure Series, this presentation gets kids to think about the power of their words, the golden rule, developing empathy, and how to handle bullying through the characters and situations from the stories.

STEAM Science: Serving and Conserving

Based off the Dreadlands Series, this presentation introduces STEAM science through animal conservation, specifically through wolf habitats, ecosystems, and conservation efforts. It also shares ways to inspire students toward local conservation, expressed through the characters in the books.

Finding Your Voice

Using the plot of Metal Mouth as a reference, students will discover ways to find and craft their voice as a narrator, through character, and a writer to develop great fiction stories.

Writing Comic Books –

Learn how to think like a visual creator as you write a script for an artist to interpret into a comic book, plus what to do what you’re finished. Includes book “You Can Write a Comic” for creating a single issue.

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  • 2023 Florida Writers Association Conference Speaker – Florida
  • 2023 Speaker Space Coast Writers Guild Book to Film – Florida
  • 2023 Speaker Graphic Novel Writing Class Brevard County Library – Florida
  • 2023 Guest Authors for Authors Conference – Florida
  • 2023 Guest UCF Knight of Networking – Florida
  • 2023 Guest & Panelist Atlanta Comic Con – Georgia
  • 2023 Guest SyFy Bartow Marketplace – Florida
  • 2022 Guest Teen Comic Book Club Brevard County Library – Florida
  • 2022 Panelist at Story Summit Conference – Virtual
  • 2022 Guest at Come Write In Brevard County Library – Florida
  • 2022 Guest & Panelist — Brevard Library Con — Florida
  • 2022 Speaker “Adapting your Book for Film & Television” Florida Writers Conference — Florida
  • 2022 Guest & Panelist — PalmCon — Florida
  • 2022 Guest & Panelist — Daytona Beach Comic Con — Florida
  • 2022 Guest — UltraCon — Florida
  • 2022 Guest & Panelist — Tampa Bay Comic Con — Florida
  • 2022 Guest — Kingdom of Comics — Florida
  • 2022 Guest — Read More Comics — Florida
  • 2022 “Capturing & Crafting Voice” Hillsborough County Library–Florida
  • 2022 “Outlining & Editing” Hillsborough County Library–Florida
  • 2022 “Adapting Book to Film” Writing, Publish Sell Conf–Florida
  • 2022 Guest Interview — Comic Book Rundown — Podcast
  • 2022 “Writing Comics” Hillsborough County Library–Florida
  • 2022 Guest — Rama Drama Convention — Florida
  • 2022 Guest Interview — No Direction — Podcast
  • 2022 Guest Interview — Outside the Panels — Podcast
  • 2022 Panelist Read It, Write It Book Event — Florida
  • 2022 “Writing for Teens” Broward County Library — Florida
  • 2022 Panelist Trinity Prep — Virtual: Florida
  • 2022 Hollywood Mastermind Guest Speaker – – Virtual: Florida
  • 2021 International Christian Visual Media Conference – – Florida
  • 2021 Melbourne Film Club Keynote — Florida
  • 2021 Teen “Poetry Writing” Hillsborough County Library — Webinar: Florida
  • 2021 Write, Publish, Sell — Florida
  • 2021 Space Coast Library Program Live Online — Florida
  • 2021 Space Coast South Florida Authors of Romance Speaker — Florida
  • 2021 Space Coast Writers Guild “Books vs. Scripts” — Florida
  • 2021 Tell Your Story: It’s Your Write Speaker — Florida
  • 2021 Just Us Nerds Podcast Guest — Florida
  • 2021 FLA Convention Speaker — Florida
  • 2021 Trinity Prep School Author Fest Guest — Florida
  • 2021 Authors for Authors – Florida
  • 2021 World of Reading Day Keynote via Jr. League — Lakeland, Florida
  • 2020 Teen Programming Hillsborough County Library multiple presentations –Webinar: Florida
  • 2020 South Florida Romance Writer’s Group “Setting the Setting” — Webinar: Florida
  • 2019 Florida Association for Media in Education “Character through Cosplay” — Florida
  • 2019 Learning Assembly through UCF “I Dare you to Quit” – Florida
  • 2019 SCBWI Long Island “Hit #1 on Amazon & How-To Ads” – Webinar: New York
  • 2019 Space Coast Writers Guild “Get Into Barnes & Noble” – Florida
  • 2019 SCBWI Long Island “A-Z of Publishing Your Book” – Webinar: New York
  • 2019 State Small Business Expo “Branding Your Business Niche” – Florida
  • 2019 NEA Big Read “What is Cosplay?” – Florida
  • 2018 Authors for Authors Conference “Finding Your Agent” – Florida
  • 2018 Florida Christian Writer’s Conference “Writing for the World” – Florida
  • 2018 Barnes & Noble book signing “Literacy and Writing” – Florida
  • 2017 Suntree Rotary Club “Finding Your Story” – Florida
  • 2017 Orlando Book Fair “Panelist & Book Signing” – Florida
  • 2017 Sarasota Writer’s Group “Your Book is a Business” – Florida
  • 2017 State Small Business Event “Writing for Kids” – Florida
  • 2017 SCWG “Marketing Your Book” – Florida
  • 2017 Authors for Authors “Marketing Your Book” – Florida
  • 2017 Write’s Atelier “Landing a Literary Agent” – Florida
  • 2017 Suntree Public Library “Writing Workshop for Youth Program” – Florida
  • 2016 Mandel Public Library “Writing YA” – Florida
  • 2016 Downtown Orlando Public Library “Writing YA” – Florida
  • 2016 Florida Council of English Teachers “Keynote Speaker” – Florida
  • 2016 Authors in the Park “Keynote Speaker” – Florida
  • 2016 Florida Writers Association “Writing for Children” –Florida
  • 2016 Authors for Authors “Excellence in Publishing” –Florida
  • 2016 Panelist Other Words –Florida
  • 2015-2016 Suntree Public Library “Youth Writing Workshops” – Florida
  • 2015 NESCBWI Conference, “Your Book as a Business” – Massachusetts
  • 2015 Keynote Speaker Holocaust Museum, “A Mother’s Journey Through Bullying” – Florida
  • 2014 SCBWI Conference, “Your Book as a Business” – Florida
  • 2014 SCWG Conference, “Writing For Children is a Business” – Florida
  • 2013 Keynote Speaker 500 Teacher’s Symposium, “The Business of Publishing” – Florida
  • 2012-2017 Instructor Eastern Florida State College “Writing Sessions” – Florida

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