My name is Jaimie Engle and I’m an award-winning author. It is my purpose to spark WONDER & DISCOVERY through books & unique programming. Words have power!

You will find fantasy, fun, family, and friendship in my stories, and hopefully, a new way to view the world around you.

I also cosplay my fiction, speak at conventions, and work with writers through school and library programs across the country. Learn more through the programs or teachers page!

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Book two in the Clifton Chase series has launched!!! Thanks to everyone who already purchased your copy. Don’t forget to review on Goodreads!

Clifton Chase on Castle Rock picks up where the first story left off, only this time, Clifton is headed even further in the past to aid Robin Hood defeat the terrible Prince John in an archery match that will ultimately decide the fate of the people of Sherwood Forest.

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