Jaimie Engle secures film production and novelization for “Just Jake

Satellite Beach, Florida, December 13th, 2022 – After ten years navigating the world of independent publishing, local writer Jaimie Engle took a huge risk with a monster payoff. In 2021, she officially paused her publishing house, geared toward upper elementary and middle grade books, to pursue a career in screenwriting, a profession comprised less than 30% by women. She wrote and sold her first feature film, Just Jake, a holiday romantic comedy in June 2022 to True Brand Entertainment’s Executive Producer Brian Bird. The film, shot in Colorado Springs, CO, will release on UpTV Faith & Family Network and Super Chanel Heart & Home in 2023.

“When I was a little girl, I recorded The Wizard of Oz and wrote down all the dialogue,” shared Engle, who began writing short stories in third grade. “At the time, I was fascinated with films, watching the same ones on repeat, with a dream to work in the movie business someday. I never thought I would see that dream come true!”

Just Jake is an uplifting story about a country music singer (played by Rob Mayes) who returns home after major writer’s block, falls back in love with his high school sweetheart (played by Brittany Bristow), and together they rediscover love by making music. The film is directed by Brandon Clark.

Engle sold the book rights to Vinspire Publishing and completed the novelization for a publication release on August 29th, 2023. The book follows the storyline in Engle’s original script and can be added to reader’s Goodreads shelves prior to launch at https://bit.ly/JustJakeShelf.

“Once the script is purchased, it’s out of my hands as far as the final product,” shared Engle, regarding the novelization. “It was important for me to tell my story, so keeping the book rights and selling those allowed me to stay true to my version. After filming starts, the story always changes. Financial restrictions, sets, actors, and many other stipulations go into the actual production that don’t exist in the writer’s imagination. I’m the architect, but the filmmakers are the builders and artisans that bring the story to life.”

Since writing Just Jake, Engle has completed 6 feature films and 3 television shows, which have all been optioned and are in various stages of development and pre-production. She speaks at conventions and schools on writing in film, books, television, and comics, weaving practical advice with experience.

“I love inspiring other people to reach for their dreams,” shared Engle, who spent the past ten years speaking to students about social issues and the power of words. “My books are steppingstones to reach kids and discuss social issues like bullying, self-esteem, and voice, both in life and literature. I also love speaking to writers of all levels at conventions and conferences, in person and virtually. Lots of people have given me tools along the way and believed in me. It’s a great feeling and honor to give that back.”

To learn more about Jaimie Engle, her programs, books, and current film offerings, visit www.JaimieEngle.com or email publicity@thewriteengle.com.


BIO: Jaimie Engle writes stories with a magic touch for film, television, books, and comics. Her feature film JUST JAKE was sold to TrueBrand Entertainment for a streaming release on UpTV Faith & Family Network, and the novelization to Vinspire Publishing. Besides writing, Jaimie supports her sons in professional theater and varsity football with her husband in Florida. Fun fact? Jaimie danced at the halftime show of the Aloha Bowl in 1990. Follow the journey on social @JaimieEngleWrites.

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Published by Jaimie Engle

Jaimie Engle is an award-winning writer of stories with a magic touch in film, tv and books across genres. Several of her adapted short stories and original scripts are in development with major producers and studios. Her legal rep is Daren Chavez of Tricarico Chavez, LLP. Besides writing, Jaimie slays cubes in Beat Saber, watches her firstborn act professionally, and cheers her high schooler during Friday Night Lights with her husband. Fun fact? Jaimie danced at the Aloha Bowl halftime show. Follow on social @jaimieenglewrites


  1. So happy for you Jaime. I’m an independent writer as well and one day hoped to have one of my series filmed for something like Masterpiece Theater. But it hasn’t had the traction I had hoped for. Nonetheless, I am happy for you. Congratulations!

  2. Jaimie. You are doing such great work. You’re going to make Brevard boast about you for years to come. I’m sincerely proud of you. I wish I could have starred in your film. I’m a pretty good country singer, that is, for a boy from New York City. But my father did play with Hank Williams Sr. That’s how I got to sing and play country music. Keep up the sensational work. 🙂

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