Jaimie Engle is a multiple award-winning writer of stories with a magic touch in film, tv, comics, and books. After publishing 15 titles, she wrote and sold her first feature film in 2022 to True Brand Entertainment, which was produced in December. The tv movie “Just Jake” will air in 2023 on UpTV Faith & Family Network with a book adapation releasing 8/29/2023 through Vinspire Publishing.

Several of Jaimie’s award-winning tv scripts, based off her IP, are optioned with major producers and networks including “Marshal Law,” based off a comic book adaptation, currently in development with the producer of “The Stand” and “Thinner.”

When not telling stories, Jaimie spends time with her husband, watches her oldest son on stage, and cheers her youngest son on Varsity football. Follow Jaimie on social @JaimieEngleWrites. Fun fact? Jaimie danced at the Aloha Bowl halftime show and played an alien on Seaquest in the 1990s.


Just Jake Movie Trailer written by Jaimie Engle, directed by Brandon Clark.

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