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Stop by my Vendor table at the Volusia County Craft Fair this Saturday, September 1 from 10-5 and Sunday, September 2 from 10-4! Located at the Volusia County Fairgrounds at 3100 E. New York Ave. in Deland, you can grab JME fiction books and Wick Books candles for kids and adults. Mention this ad and get a FREE gift!

Two Local Creators Share How to Create your Own Cosplay Characters at Cocoa Comic Con in June

Author Jaimie Engle and Propmaker Dan Roberts bring their gifts of crafting cosplay to participants at COSOGRAPHY Comic Con

Melbourne, FL, June 17, 2018:“Magic is all around you, if you just take the time to look.”–Jaimie Engle

This June, two talented creators will combine their skills to teach participants of COSOGRAPHY Comic Con on how to craft cosplay from their own inspired characters. Jaimie Engle local award-winning author and Amazon #1 Best Seller will share how to build a real life version of your make-believe characters alongside 19-year-old propmaker Dan Roberts who builds custom and 3-D printed props and costumes for his growing clientele. The Comic Con titled COSOGRAPHY will be held on June 30th at the Space Coast Convention Center at 301 Tucker Lane in Cocoa, Florida 32926, from 10am-6pm with the Create Your Cosplay Panel happening at 4pm, room TBD.

“In life we read book about our favorite heroes and villains. With cosplay we can embody them, and now I can help with that,” shared Dan Roberts, 19-year old formality and propmaker. “Allow me to introduce myself: I am Dan the Spiderman and I am at your service.”

Engle cosplays her own fictional character Scalvia from her Viking Werewolf novel Dreadlands: Wolf Moon. In addition, she regularly cosplays as Marty McFly, Jr., Trinity from The Matrix, Garth from Wayne’s World, and Dookie the Unicorn from the Squatty Potty brand to promote her book The Toilet Papers.

“Being on a panel allows me to interact with fans and share some of my experiences as an author and cosplayer,” explains Engle, who is in the running for her second year in a row for Best Independent Novelist in the Spacie Awards. “This year, I’ll have my books and Wick Books® candles, which are story-scented candles based off my books, and I’m so excited to share special edition Comic Book scents based off several popular DC and Marvel comic book characters.”

COSOGRAPHY is a one-day celebration of cosplay with panels, demonstrations, workshops, performances, Contests, and vendors. $8.00 Early Registration – $10 at the Door, and children under 10 are free with an adult purchase. Learn more at

Engle Bio:

Like stepping into a living dream, Jaimie Engle writes dark fiction where magic turns ordinary into extraordinary. She loves weaving lore into her stories and taking her readers on wondrous adventures. Stalk on social media @theWRITEengle.

Roberts Bio:

Dan Roberts is a 19 year-olds entrepreneur and senior year cosplayer with a passion for foam builds and prop making. As a work-for-hire formality and propmaker, Roberts is willing to work and help any and everybody. This is Robert’s first panel experience of many more to come and he is available for hire via

Entitled to Kill

And other things the world tells me I’m owed

This will most likely be the boldest blog I’ve ever written, but I see a major issue with social media that no one seems to be addressing. Entitlement. We are lovers of our selves more than lovers of each other. Our entitled spirits give us false power to inflict our will on anyone who seems against us, creating witch hunts on people who were used to gain this power to begin with. This disease of entitlement tells our youth that since everyone can be famous, if you’re not famous then you are entitled to do something to get everyone’s attention. Even shoot up a school. Likes equal love, and status is all that matters in this entitled world. Between school shootings, bullying, and suicide, the next generation is Entitled to Kill.

Where did we go wrong?

Without boundaries, everyone is in control. We are all the gods of the worlds we build and everyone within them are just movie set extras. If you can’t afford it, steal it: you deserve it! If you don’t like what they say, berate them in public…that’s what gods do. Worship yourself with a social media presence and then build your platform so your voice can be heard. But when everyone’s screaming, no one’s listening. White noise. Then a kid shoots up a school and we act surprised. Or another one commits suicide and we wonder why.

No one’s listening.

Social media has disrupted the system. It’s a hybrid society that has grown within the center of our own. It sprouted with no rules or boundaries, no expectations or consequences and disrupted our ideas of commerce and communication for good. Don’t get me wrong. I love being able to video chat with my husband on a cruise through Messenger and send money to my kid through my phone with Cash. My observation on social media isn’t that in and of itself it’s “bad” rather it is an abandoned child turned adolescent; a wild animal set loose in a single-family home.

What’s the answer?

There’s only one answer I see to counter entitlement, and this is accountability. This starts in the home, by telling your kids to be thoughtful of what they post, to be aware that they don’t have to engage in every fight brought to them, to be taught they don’t need fame or likes to have worth. Worth is God-given and it starts the moment you’re conceived. It isn’t earned or built on a platform, though it can go untapped and be lost. We all start with a purpose; whether we fulfill it or not is the journey of life. Accountability trumps entitlement. Living as a servant to one another instead of gods over one another changes how we post, drive, talk, and live. We expect our kids to treat each other with respect, yet we drive with disregard to everyone else on the road and say things on social media we would never have the courage to say face to face.

Here’s the truth…

We won’t all be famous. We can’t all be in the spotlight. We don’t all need to build a platform. And we certainly aren’t owed anything. We live in this connected world and need to start acting like we co-exist. Or else one day we might find ourselves on the other end of someone’s entitlement-driven witch hunt. Then we’ll wish we’d live life with a little more empathy and a little less expectation.


JAIMIE ENGLE is the author of dark thrillers for teens where magic turns ordinary into extraordinary. She weaves history, magic, and lore into her books, which take readers on wondrous adventures, though her passion is talking to kids about writing and social issues because words have power. She loves coffee, cosplay, podcasting, and making Wick Books® candles inspired by scents from her novels, and lives in Florida with her awesome husband, hilarious children, and the world’s best dog.