Author Signs Five Book Deal with Texas Publishing House

Jaimie Engle Shares How Her First Book Lands a Publishing Deal Seven Years After Its First Publication

Melbourne, FL, September 2019 – When Author Jaimie Engle submitted her story to INtense Publications, she had no idea they would say yes. Her novel, Clifton Chase on Castle Rock, is the sequel to her previously published first novel Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light, which she published in 2012 under her JME Books Publishing House.

“Clifton had a rocky start, with nearly 100 agents and publishers rejecting the manuscript before one finally said yes,” shared Engle. “Only three weeks before the launch date, the publisher fell off the map and I had to figure out how to self-publish the book.”

After seven arduous years of publishing eleven books, learning marketing strategy, and opening doors to land nearly a dozen Barnes & Noble book signings, Engle finds her journey to be serendipitous of her book’s theme.

“Clifton is bullied, and his journey to help two bullied boys find their voice became a message I now share to students across the country. It’s funny how this theme of perseverance, belief, and the power of words has given me the strength to never give up, and to keep working toward my dreams. I hope someone reading my story will feel inspired to chase their dreams too!”

Engle’s publisher, INtense Publications, began in 2018 as a group of educators looking to bring books and literacy together in the classroom.

“INtense Publications strives to find stories that allow our readers to think outside the box, and Clifton Chase is exactly what our readers love to get their hands on; a fantasy that challenges the power of magic,” shared founder Jana Grissom. “We are excited to work with Jaimie. She is an experienced novelist with a lot of talent to share with the world.”

Republication of Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light novel and coloring book are slated for July 2020. Book two in the series, Clifton Chase on Castle Rock will be published sometime in the fall of 2021.

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BIO ENGLE: Jaimie Engle is an award-winning children’s book author from Melbourne, Florida. Before releasing her anti-bullying fantasy adventure, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light, she ran a body shop, played an alien on TV, and managed a hip-hop band. She creates character driven cosplay, where magic turns ordinary into extraordinary, and crafts story-scented candles to pair with her novels. More at  

BIO INTENSE PUBLICATIONS: INtense Publications is an independent publishing house in Fort Worth, Texas founded to meet the literacy needs of students and educators. We believe readers of all ages desire authentic, challenging novels to inspire their character and imagination. We are accepting submissions for fantasy, science fiction, self-help, plus anything and everything YA and MG, especially titles that address social issues from the perspective of characters with challenges such as disabilities, stereotypes, or bullying. Send your query to

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Jaimie Engle is an award-winning writer of stories with a magic touch in film, tv and books across genres. Several of her adapted short stories and original scripts are in development with major producers and studios. Her legal rep is Daren Chavez of Tricarico Chavez, LLP. Besides writing, Jaimie slays cubes in Beat Saber, watches her firstborn act professionally, and cheers her high schooler during Friday Night Lights with her husband. Fun fact? Jaimie danced at the Aloha Bowl halftime show. Follow on social @jaimieenglewrites

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