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Sneak Peek at my next book!

Many beings would endure the impossible to unearth them for personal gain. No matter how desperately Clifton wished life would return to normal, as long as he possessed the arrows, it never would….

Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome

Metal Mouth is a brilliantly original tale that explores many concerns countless people deal with every day, such as self-discovery, peer pressure, and social acceptance.

Publisher Gives E-Books Away to Help Children Fight Boredom During Pandemic

“The Corona Virus is affecting everyone, including our INtense team,” said Jana Grissom, owner and founder of INtense Publications. “We are here for the kids. For the authors already published, I’ve encouraged them to offer free ebooks for children, giving my full support to spoil kids! Together, we can try to make this time as magical for them as possible, and what better way to escape reality than through a child’s imagination?”