The Toilet Papers, Jr. Collection


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This book was going to be like all bathroom books. Keeping you occupied while…you know…doing your business. What no one saw coming were kids staying to read. No one was leaving the john! They were all too busy—

Battling cockroaches.
Talking about boogers.
Seeing monsters.
Time travelling.
Learning science.
Hanging with fairy tale characters.
Fart jokes.
Finding new friends.
Meeting Cats with Nine Lives.
Helping Dogs find a home.
Studying geology and volcanoes.
But mostly, too busy imagining.

Jaimie Engle conjures silly tales and spooky poems that grow longer as you go longer, from 50 words to over 5,000 words to help make the go a little more fun. A brilliant collection that will have you laughing till you pee or will scare the poop out of you. Good thing you’re already on the potty!

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