For the past ten years, I have been a proud, independent author of books for children in the fantasy and science fiction genres. In 2021, I wrote and sold my first movie script, retaining the book rights, which I hoped would land me an agent and a book deal. Through my submission process and several agent rejections, I stumbled upon a wonderful publishing house with a long, proven track record in the industry. Not only that, but our core values aligned: clean fiction for all ages. I submitted part of the first draft along with the screenplay and movie contract for proof of concept. The editor-in-chief, Dawn Carrington not only loved my story, but allowed me to continue writing after we signed our deal, as I hadn’t finished the novelization yet.

Working with her and the team at Vinspire Publishing has been a true pleasure. I feel like a superstar with this group working to edit, format, cover, and publish my book! They have not only been a joy to partner with, but they have all been efficient, super fast, and true proffesionals in their crafts. My amazing editor, Deliah, taught me a truth in deep point of view writing that I feel has been the missing link in my work that I’ve searched for the past ten years. God is so faithful and so good to me. I am so blessed!

It is with true pride and joy that I reveal the official cover for the Just Jake novel. There is a purchase link to follow if you’d like to preorder your copy. Thank you to everyone for being part of this incredible journey. And if you haven’t seen the film, you can check out the trailer on my YouTube channel and watch the movie on UpTV Faith & Family Network through your smart tv or broadcast provider. And now… the cover reveal:

Just Jake novel OFFICIAL Cover Reveal!! Open to see...

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Published by Jaimie Engle

Jaimie Engle is an award-winning writer of stories with a magic touch in film, tv and books across genres. Several of her adapted short stories and original scripts are in development with major producers and studios. Her legal rep is Daren Chavez of Tricarico Chavez, LLP. Besides writing, Jaimie slays cubes in Beat Saber, watches her firstborn act professionally, and cheers her high schooler during Friday Night Lights with her husband. Fun fact? Jaimie danced at the Aloha Bowl halftime show. Follow on social @jaimieenglewrites

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