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Today, we’re going to talk today about world building versus characters and when you should do both. World building is super important because we love the world that we’re in. We need to have strong characters. Of course, we do. Characters are who we latch onto, who we connect with, who we follow the journey through the amazing world on the shoulder of, right? But first, we must have incredible worlds.

Worlds can populate multiple generations of characters if they’re done right. Well, we must start with the actual location. Obviously, whether you’re writing historical or science fiction or anything in between, your physical location is super important. However, there’s going to be a boundary to this world, and there’s going to be something beyond that boundary. It’s so crucial to have that when you set your world.

When you set your Hogwarts castle, there’s another element to that universe, isn’t there? There are locations beyond that location and there’s other schools. Hello??? We didn’t know that going in. We didn’t know that there were these cool other schools until we had competition
with them.

We can go backwards on the timeline. We can go forward on the timeline, and we have these incredible stories that are produced from this world. When you’re building your story, your world needs to be grand enough to have a timeline, to have a past, present and future that you can build on that you can take characters from every element of your timeline and build that into an incredible story.

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